Child’s Eye

Child’s Eye

A young girl faces a new milestone, a grown man faces his father’s illness and a nonagenarian brings joy and wonder to the lives of children with his inventions. This selection of shorts delves into the lives of the child and offers us their perspective on life.

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Noorjehan 02


Written & Directed by Mariam Majid
Produced by Abid Majid

Country: Pakistan
Language: Punjabi
Duration: 9 mins
Student // Fiction // Drama // Queer // International 

Set around a vintage cinema in old Lahore, A Night with Noorjehan is a snapshot of a moment of refuge, respite and human connection. 12-year-old Ben is fascinated by the cinema and associates the actress on the billboard with Noorjehan, a transgender sex-worker and regular in the neighbourhood.

Written & Directed by Lyn Goldfarb
Produced by Lyn Goldfarb, Jannat Gargi & Daniel Zimbaldi

Country: USA
Language: English
Duration: 19 mins
Documentary // International

Eddy’s World is an engaging portrait of a 98-year-old toy inventor. Best known for the iconic “chattering teeth”, Eddy Goldfarb is the inventor of nearly 800 classic toys including Stompers, Vac-U-Form, Kerplunk and the Bubble Gun. Eddy began designing toys while serving on the Batfish submarine during World War II. Today, he lives in a retirement community where he has converted his garage into a machine shop, creates translucent lithophane portraits on his 3D printer, and writes 100-word short stories. Optimistic, creative and curious, Eddy is an endearing storyteller who shares his philosophies of life and his wisdom on ageing.


Faces-Without-Visag-Still3-1 Cropped

Directed & Produced by Hesam Rahmani
Written by Hesam Rahmani & Saeed Aminabadi

Country: Iran
Language: Persian
Duration: 8 mins
Documentary // International

How come a somber silence drowns me and my memory?
How come the faces lose visage in this dark dungeon of memory?


hidden21 Cropped

Directed by Jess O’Brien
Written by Sophie Black
Produced by Keith Allott

Country: UK
Language: English
Duration: 6 mins
Student // Fiction // Drama // Queer

GCSE students enter their classroom ready for the same, usual English lesson. They talk amongst themselves as their teacher tries to get their attention. Upon being asked about their poetry homework and who would like to read theirs, they all try to avoid the teachers gaze. Solomon is chosen by the teacher to read his poem aloud. The class await with little enthusiasm until he starts to read. Solomon’s poem has a beauty that surprises all his classmates except one, Katie. The poem has a meaning and two secrets only they know about.

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Mary of Exeter 1

Directed by George Barron
Written by Freefall Youth Group
Produced by Lottery Heritage Fund, Double Elephant Print Workshop & Exeter Phoenix

Country: UK
Language: English
Duration: 8 mins
Student // Documentary // Animation

Mary of Exeter was a carrier pigeon who flew many military missions during World War II, transporting important messages across the English Channel back to her loft off Fore Street in the city. She was awarded the Dickin Medal for Gallantry (often called the Victoria Cross for animals) in November 1945 for showing endurance despite being seriously injured during three of her missions. She is commemorated in various locations around the city, and buried in the PDSA’s animal cemetery in Ilford alongside 12 other recipients of the Dickin medal.
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Il-Primo-Giorno-Di-Matilde-6 Cropped

Written & Directed by Rosario Capozzolo
Produced by Simona Mondello, Rosario Capozzolo & Adam Selo

Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Duration: 10 mins
Fiction // Drama // International

Today is Matilde’s first day of school. Her father Claudio is supposed to be taking her, but he hasn’t shown up. Instead, her grandfather walks with Matilde. When Claudio finally arrives he has some advice about facing this important day of her life, before embracing his own future.



Written & Directed by Shauly Melamed
Produced by Kobi Farag

Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew
Duration: 10 mins
Documentary // International // Queer

Two months after his father passed away, twelve-year-old Shauly receives his first video camera. Fourteen years later he finds the recordings. From his mature point of view, Shauly returns to the child he once was. Taking a look at his first cinematic attempts he discovers, amongst the tapes, recordings that had hidden his biggest secret.



Directed by Paul James
Written by Kahra Scott-James
Produced by Paul James & Tony Leslie

Country: New Zealand
Language: English
Duration: 12 mins
Fiction // International // Animation

After a trial adoption Christine finds herself struggling to adapt to her new home. The couple that adopted her also face difficulties; beyond a child’s ability to comprehend. Consequently, all three are trapped. Christine seeks solace in the creepy crawly world under the rocks. Thee insect ecosphere reflects Christine’s fractured reality and helps her find a way to set everyone free.

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