We Ave A Laugh

We ‘Ave A Laugh

A cow, a green man, a lovelorn roller-skater, an artist, a stubborn employee and a burglar with heart deliver stories about the absurdness and humour that life has to offer us.

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Dunder-Plunder-1 Cropped

Written & Directed by Grace Alwyn Ashworth
Produced by Grace Alwyn Ashworth and Alan Livesey

Country: UK
Language: English
Duration: 8 mins
Fiction // Comedy

In this dark comedy, a cat burglar’s plans to steal from a country mansion are derailed when he encounters the owner’s sobbing ex-wife in one of the bedrooms.



Written & Directed by Tom Clover
Produced by Billie Buchanan-Smith, Tom Clover

Country: UK
Language: English
Duration: 10 mins
Fiction // Comedy // Student

The story follows Gary, an ex-roller disco champion, who is stuck in his dead-end job at ‘The Diner’. His life is turned upside down when a new girl, Sally, starts working there. Gary is instantly memorised and swiftly agrees to go on a ‘Roller Skating date with her’.

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Mind-over-Matter-Still-001 Cropped

Directed by Paul Cheung
Written & Produced by Al Eales

Country: UK
Language: English
Duration: 9 mins
Fiction // Comedy

Mind Over Matter is a short film set in the not too distant future that pays homage to the art scene… warts and all. We join the opening night of an anonymous Artist’s new exhibition of work as he unveils his most daring collection of art to date. What price would you pay for art?


Plow 3

Written & directed by Mohsen Mohajeri
Produced by Mohammad Madanchi

Country: Iran
Language: Persian
Duration: 10 mins
International // Fiction

A broke theatre student living in a small room with his classmates agrees to bring a neighbour’s calf home, but his landlady is at the door and he needs to find an explanation that isn’t going to get himself evicted.


The-Green-Man-Publicity-Still-3 Cropped

Written, Directed & Produced by Nicolas Motte

Country: UK
Language: English
Duration: 5 mins
Fiction // Comedy

A delivery man with a deadline wants to cross a road. He’s in for a surprise. This is more than just a story about one man’s battle to cross a road, it is a comment on Man’s battle to keep public spaces free from private technological interest.

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Directed by Larry Ketang & Liam White
Written by Liam White
Produced by Liam White & Larry Ketang

Country: UK
Language: English
Duration: 14 mins
Fiction // Comedy

Tick Tick Tick is a black comedy that explores the moral dilemma of choosing between what you believe-in and self-preservation. If you’ve ever been in a position where you’ve wanted to call out what’s happening but doing so would mean you stick your neck on the line and make life harder for yourself, then this film is for you.

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